When Does NBA Free Agency End: A Comprehensive Guide


With the excitement and anticipation that comes with NBA free agency, it can be overwhelming for fans to keep track of all the important dates and deadlines. The biggest question on everyone’s mind is when does NBA free agency end? Without this information, fans could potentially miss out on big moves and signings. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide on when NBA free agency ends and everything else you need to know to stay informed.

The Countdown: When NBA Free Agency Ends

NBA free agency starts annually on July 1 at 12:01 AM Eastern Time and runs for roughly two weeks, ending in mid-July. During this period, teams can sign free agents, make trades, and negotiate deals with existing talent. The countdown officially starts with the opening of the free agency period and runs for two weeks leading up to the deadline. This means the deadline for NBA free agency typically falls on July 15th or 16th, depending on when the NBA league year starts.

The Final Stretch: Key Dates to Know for NBA Free Agency

If you are an avid NBA fan, mark your calendars for these important dates during the NBA free agency period:

  • June 25 – NBA Draft
  • June 30 – Option decisions due for players with options in their contracts
  • July 1 – NBA free agency officially begins
  • July 7 – Teams can start signing players to contracts
  • July 15 – Deadline for players to accept team option decisions and for unsigned players to sign qualifying offers
  • July 16 – NBA moratorium ends, and teams can officially sign free agents and make trades

These dates are crucial as they significantly impact how teams navigate the NBA free agency period. From the NBA Draft to the signing of free agents, these dates play a critical role in shaping team rosters for the upcoming season.

Explained: NBA Free Agency’s Deadline and Important Details

The NBA free agency deadline typically falls on July 15th or 16th. If a player is unsigned by the deadline, they are considered an unrestricted free agent. Teams can still sign them, but the player is not bound by their previous team’s qualifying offer or restricted free agent offer. The deadline is designed to allow teams and players to finalize deals before the start of the next season. It also gives teams ample time to adjust their rosters based on who they’ve signed or lost.

It is also critical to note that during the NBA moratorium period, teams and free agents can discuss potential deals but cannot officially sign contracts until the moratorium ends. The moratorium lasts for six days and gives teams a brief window to negotiate deals before the official start to the NBA season.

Time is Ticking: How NBA Free Agency Will End

The final few days of NBA free agency are typically the busiest. Teams and free agents scramble to make last-minute deals before the deadline. This period is known as the “moratorium period” and lasts for six days. Teams and free agents are free to negotiate deals during this time. However, they cannot officially sign contracts until the moratorium period ends. This intense period of negotiation is critical for teams looking to add key players to their roster before the start of the upcoming season.

The Last Call: When NBA Free Agency Will Close

As previously mentioned, NBA free agency officially ends after the NBA moratorium period, which typically falls on July 15th or 16th. This is the last day that teams can officially sign free agents and make trades with other teams. After the deadline passes, teams will have to rely on trades or other means to fill open roster spots. Players who are still unsigned will become unrestricted free agents and are free to sign with any team.

All Eyes on the Clock: End of NBA Free Agency Approaching

To summarize, knowing when NBA free agency ends is crucial for fans who want to stay up-to-date with the latest signings and moves. Whether it’s marking key dates on your calendar or following your favorite team’s social media accounts to stay informed, there are plenty of ways to track the progress of NBA free agency.


In conclusion, NBA free agency is an exciting and unpredictable time for fans. Knowing when NBA free agency ends gives fans the ability to stay informed and up-to-date on the latest signings and potential moves. Keeping track of key dates during the NBA free agency period and following your favorite team’s social media accounts can go a long way in keeping fans informed. Make sure to stay up-to-date on the latest news and follow the tips provided to avoid missing out on important free agency news and deadlines.

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