The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Starbucks’ Medicine Ball Tea: Unpacking Its Benefits and Origins


Are you a Starbucks regular or a tea lover curious about the latest trending drink to hit the menu at the world’s largest coffee house chain? Look no further than the medicine ball, a warm and soothing tea blend packed with healthy ingredients you may not have considered before. In this article, we’ll explore the drink’s properties, origins, and popularity.

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Starbucks’ Medicine Ball Tea

Firstly, what exactly is the medicine ball, and why has it become so popular among Starbucks customers? The medicine ball is a tea-based drink consisting of hot water, steamed lemonade, herbal tea and honey. It has made waves recently due to its health benefits as well as its comforting flavor and aroma.

The drink first originated as a popular request by customers who came up with the recipe themselves, which legendary personal trainer Jillian Michaels featured on her Instagram profile in 2016. It is commonly associated with helping to soothe sore throats and assisting with overall wellness.

Discovering The Health Benefits of Starbucks’ Secret Medicine Ball

Starbucks’s medicine ball is not only delicious but also packed with many potential health benefits. For example, the drink includes a wealth of Vitamin C from the lemonade, and studies have shown that regular consumption of honey may have significant immune-boosting properties.

Additionally, the four teas that make up the blend – mint, peach, green tea, and lemon – contribute to the tea’s ability to soothe discomfort and promote a sense of calm, helping to create a relaxing and revitalizing experience.

Why the Medicine Ball Tea at Starbucks is More Than Just a Trend

The secret medicine ball has quickly become a fixture of self-care and wellness culture. The drink’s positive reputation reflects a larger trend towards natural and holistic remedies to manage everyday ailments, as well as a desire to nourish bodies and promote overall health.

The drink has become a favorite for many Starbucks regulars as well, whether it’s for the comforting feeling and well-being it provides or simply for the flavor and aroma that it offers. The medicine ball has managed to garner quite a following among Starbucks customers, becoming a popular household name in the world of tea.

Unboxing Starbucks’ Medicine Ball Tea: What’s Inside?

Now let’s take a closer look at the specific ingredients that make up the Starbucks medicine ball tea and how they interact to create the drink’s unmistakable flavor and health benefits.

The four types of tea incorporated into the drink are Peach Tranquility, Citrus Mint, Jade Citrus Mint, and Teavana’s Emperor’s Clouds and Mist. The significance of these teas is that they all contribute unique properties to the mix, from the antioxidants included in Jade Citrus Mint to the calming properties of the Peach Tranquility.

Alongside the teas, the drink’s steamed lemonade adds a tart yet refreshing taste, while the organic honey rounds out the drink’s sweetness and packs in potential health benefits. All these ingredients are blended together to create a delicious, aromatic drink that just might become your new all-time favorite.

How to Re-Create Starbucks’ Medicine Ball Tea at Home

If you’re looking to recreate the Starbucks experience in the comfort of your own kitchen, you’re in luck: making a homemade medicine ball tea is easy and just as delicious. The recipe is relatively straightforward. Start with boiling water, add a tea bag (or a blend of your favorites), and include a splash of lemonade and a drizzle of honey. Serve it up and enjoy a warm cup of homeopathic goodness.

While re-creating the medicine ball at home allows you to experiment with your own ingredients and adjust it to your personal preferences, one thing to keep in mind is to use high-quality ingredients to yield the best results. Buying fresh, organic produce ensures that the drink is packed with healthy nutrients that do wonders for your mind, body, and soul.

A Closer Look at the Ingredients of Starbucks’ Medicine Ball

With all the unique flavors and benefits associated with the drink, it’s worth delving deeper into the ingredients of the medicine ball blend.

The Jade Citrus Mint contains premium quality green tea and is known for its high label of antioxidants and harmonious flavor, with a hint of spearmint. The Peach Tranquility is a blend of peach and citrus flavors with soft herbal notes from chamomile and rosehips.

The Citrus Mint’s blend of mint and lemongrass powder brightens the mood, while the Emperor’s Clouds and Mist brings a calming effect to the drink with its mild aroma and delicate flavor. Lastly, the organic honey serves as a natural sweetener and has been shown to have various medicinal uses for centuries, including treating wounds, fighting infection, and potentially regulating blood sugar levels.

Fueled by Nature: The Origins of Starbucks’ Medicine Ball Tea

One of the biggest reasons why the medicine ball has become a favored drink amongst customers is due to its organic and wholesome origins. Each ingredient used in the drink’s creation is entirely natural and beneficial to the body

The unique combination of teas, lemon, and honey creates a warm, soothing, and enjoyable drink that’s truly good for the body. The tea embodies and reflects much of what people are looking for in a drink right now – wholesome ongoing organic products and a wholesome drink that speaks to the soul.


As we’ve walked through the ingredients, history, and health benefits of the medicine ball tea, it’s clear to see why Starbucks customers are in love with this delicious and comforting drink. Whether enjoyed in-store or recreated at home, this blend of teas, lemon, and honey checks all the boxes for those seeking a delicious and beneficial refreshment.

The cultural significance of the medicine ball also shows how more and more people are seeking out natural holistic remedies to help manage common ailments and promote overall health. So go ahead, savor that sip, and feel confident in your choice to enjoy the natural and wholesome goodness of a Starbucks medicine ball.

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