The Ultimate Guide to Unreal Engine 5’s Pricing and Licensing: Is it Really Free?


Unreal Engine 5 is a powerful game development toolset used by professionals, independent developers, and game enthusiasts alike. Its latest version includes a substantial upgrade in graphics, physics, and lighting, making it a popular choice for creating immersive games and experiences. The Real-time Technology Company, the maker of the engine, has a distinct licensing model, including a free option. Understanding this pricing and licensing structure is crucial for those interested in using the engine, ensuring that they are getting the most out of it while abiding by the licensing agreements.

The Ultimate Guide to Unreal Engine 5’s Pricing and Licensing: Is it Really Free?

Unreal Engine 5 fell between two categories of licenses that were Unreal Engine 4’s commercial and non-commercial categories. They are now consolidated into one termed entitlements. Entitlements go beyond what was offered in UE4, offering an affordable way to earn money by releasing commercial products through the engine more conveniently.

The free version serves as a powerful tool for those who want to try UE5’s potential, although it comes with distinct restrictions compared to its paid alternatives providing users to almost all the features of the engine for a reasonable price. For instance, free users can distribute their product, free of royalties, as long as it falls into specific categories, which they can not change. On the other hand, paid users have the option to distribute and sell their games in every way they see fit with no limits. The choice between these options depends on one’s short-term and long-term goals.

Unreal Engine’s features, like any other software, can evolve over time with updates at each version. As for UE5’s free version, some of its features are always available, such as the time-tested Unreal Editor, the game simulator Play-in-editor, and basic programming languages such as C++. There are many other plugins, visual effects elements, and development systems offered as optional purchases, depending on the user’s interests and needs.

Before finalizing the decision, it’s crucial to examine the fee structures of the various alternatives when it comes to Unreal Engine 5. When paid through an entitlement, users can use as much or as little as they want of the engine. Customers of the enterprise system, however, enjoy several unique features, but their price point is between $50,000 and $1,000,000 per title, depending on a project’s size.

Unreal Engine 5: Revolutionizing Game Development For Free

Since its launch, UE5 has become popular among game developers because of its cutting-edge features, including Nanite and Lumen. Nanite is a virtualized geometry system that can organically grow and shrink as the user is facing it, without compromising performance. Lumen, on the other hand, imitates the performance capture of an environment by reproducing the natural lightings in scenarios that update progressively.

The free version of Unreal Engine 5 allows its users to access some of these features and experiment with the world-building tools that developers use to create visually stunning and dynamic game worlds. These features are not available elsewhere, giving users a unique opportunity to take their game development skills to the next level without breaking the budget.

Moreover, many popular games have been created using the free version of UE5. Many Indie games developed using UE5 like Lumen, Renowned Explorers, Inside, and Kozo. It shows that the engine can cater to a wide range of genre and requirement.

Unreal Engine 5’s Free Licensing Option: What You Need to Know Before You Download

If you’re a new user to Unreal Engine 5, there are a few things you need to know before you can download and start using the engine, particularly for its free licensing option. The first thing to consider is your system requirements; unlike its predecessor, UE5 requires specific resource requirements and specifications for smooth performance. Since UE5 is a powerful game engine with innovative features, devices that do not meet the necessary requirements can crash, or the engine may not run at all.

Next, consider the amount of experience you have in game development or using Unreal Engine itself when deciding which version you should use. While the free version provides access to several basic tools and fundamental production elements, paid users receive more support features such as personalized training and additional resources like forums and documentation that can be helpful for those new to the game development scene.

Finally, make sure to update yourself with tips, tricks and have a thorough understanding of the different terms of use and licensing agreements associated with UE5’s free version before you start developing your game. Being aware of these will aid you in making informed decisions about what features to use and how to distribute your game accordingly.

Is Unreal Engine 5 Really Free? A Look at the Fine Print

While Unreal Engine 5 is free to download and use, there are some restrictions that users must be aware of. Users must adhere to Epic Games’ long-term plan, which involves the 5% royalty charge on gross revenue after the $1 million threshold is met. This means that once the game’s sales accrues to $1 million, the royalties of the free version becomes the same as those for the paid version.

It’s important to address that there may still be some costs associated with using Unreal Engine 5 even with its free licensing, such as the costs of creating assets, hiring staff, or running servers. Still, UE5’s licensing model provides a fair amount of flexibility, even for those on tight budgets. Nonetheless, it’s essential to have an understanding of these potential costs, so users can work within their financial constraints and still achieve their creative potentials.

Unleashing Your Creative Potential with Unreal Engine 5’s Free Version

Unreal Engine 5’s free version empowers game developers and enthusiasts to bring their creative ideas to life without breaking the bank. The engine’s accessibility and versatility make it an excellent choice for indie game developers and hobbyists who want to make their mark in the gaming industry.

Several success stories attest to UE5’s effectiveness, including the standalone indie game like Among Us. The game, which was made using Unreal Engine, has seen stunning success and even won several awards.

There are also numerous resources available to users who want to learn more about Unreal Engine 5 and harness its power to build an unforgettable gaming experience. Epic Games, for instance, offers step-by-step tutorials and instructional videos to help even novice game developers get started.


In conclusion, Unreal Engine 5 offers a powerful and accessible tool for game developers and enthusiasts, thanks to its free licensing option. By taking the time to understand the pricing and licensing structure of UE5 and weighing the advantages and trade-offs between the free and paid versions, users can create stunning games that captivate their audiences and fulfill their creative potential.

So why not download Unreal Engine 5’s free version and start your game development journey today! We are confident that this article will serve as a critical resource providing insights and tips to aid in you in achieving your game development dreams.

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