How to Make the Most Money on DoorDash: A Comprehensive Guide


DoorDash, the popular food delivery app, has become a lucrative source of income for many people. However, not all dashers earn the same amount. In this article, we will explore the best strategies to maximize your earnings on DoorDash.

Maximize Your Delivery Time

Choosing the right time to work can make a big difference in your earnings. To maximize your delivery potential, it’s important to consider factors like meal times, high-traffic areas, and popular events. For example, weekend evenings are typically busy times for DoorDash, as people are more likely to order food delivery during these times.

Optimize Routes

Planning your delivery route can help you save time and reduce expenses like gas. To optimize your route, plan ahead by looking at the location and distance of each delivery. You can also use navigation apps to find the most efficient routes. By planning ahead, you can avoid rejected orders and complete deliveries on time.

Use the Best Payment Model

DoorDash offers two payment models: flat-fee and percentage-based. When choosing a payment model, consider factors like the average order size and the number of deliveries per hour. Flat-fee payments offer predictability, while percentage-based payments can result in higher earnings for large orders.

Choose the Right Deliveries

Not all deliveries are created equal. To maximize your earnings, choose deliveries that have a higher payout, shorter distance, and less complex instructions. It’s also important to consider the customer’s location and delivery time, as this can impact your efficiency and earning potential.

Keep Your Customer Ratings High

Customer ratings can impact your earnings and the number of delivery offers you receive. To maintain a high rating, provide excellent customer service by being prompt, communicative, and professional. Responding to customer feedback and resolving issues can also help you maintain a positive rating.

Capitalize on Promotions

DoorDash offers promotions and bonuses to incentivize dashers to complete more deliveries. Take advantage of these promotions by checking your app frequently for new offers, completing deliveries during peak times, and reaching certain milestones. These promotions can significantly increase your earnings potential.

Leverage Referral Programs

DoorDash’s referral program offers bonuses to both new dashers and those who refer them. To maximize your earnings, refer new customers by sharing your referral code on social media, personal contacts, and online communities. By referring new customers, you can earn bonuses and increase your earnings potential.


Maximizing your earnings on DoorDash requires strategic planning, efficient delivery routes, and excellent customer service. By staying up-to-date on promotions, optimizing your time and routes, and maintaining a high rating, you can significantly increase your earnings potential. Take advantage of these tips and put them into practice to start earning more on DoorDash today.

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