Ways to Make Extra Income as a Notary

Ways to Make Extra Income as a Notary

Being a notary public can be an excellent way to supplement your income or start a business on the side. While performing notarial acts is the primary focus of the job, there are plenty of ways to make additional money as a notary. This article will explore six possible strategies for making extra income as a notary, including offering mobile notary services, becoming a loan signing agent, providing document translation services, marketing to small business owners, partnering with real estate agents, and teaching notary classes.

Offer Mobile Notary Services

Mobile notary services are a convenient way for busy clients to take care of their notarization needs, especially if they’re unable to make it to your office. As a mobile notary, you’ll travel to the client’s location to perform notarial acts.

To set up a mobile notary business, you’ll need reliable transportation and a way to let potential clients know about your services. You can advertise your mobile notary services on your website, social media channels, and business directories. Additionally, you’ll need to consider factors such as pricing, scheduling, and communication with clients.

The benefits of offering mobile notary services are that you can attract clients who otherwise wouldn’t have access to notarial services and increase your earning potential since you can charge higher fees for your convenience.

 Become a Loan Signing Agent
Become a Loan Signing Agent

Become a Loan Signing Agent

A loan signing agent is a notary public who specializes in the signing of loan documents. They typically work with mortgage lenders and title companies to ensure the timely and accurate execution of loan documents.

To become a loan signing agent, you’ll need to complete specialized training and certification through an industry organization such as the National Notary Association or the Loan Signing System. Once you’ve completed your training, you’ll need to market yourself to potential clients and establish relationships with lenders and title companies.

The benefits of specializing in loan signing are that you can charge higher fees for your services, and you can build ongoing relationships with repeat clients.

Offer Document Translation Services

Document translation services are a natural extension of the notarial act since many notarized documents require translation, especially those used in legal, medical, and financial contexts. As a notary, you already have the ability to certify the accuracy of translated documents.

To offer document translation services, you’ll need to be proficient in one or more languages other than English. You’ll also need to be familiar with the notarization requirements of the translated documents. You can market your translation services to individuals, businesses, and attorneys who need official translations of documents such as contracts, birth certificates, and passports.

The benefits of offering document translation services are that you can charge higher fees for specialized skills, and you can attract a broader range of clients.

Market to Small Business Owners

Small business owners often need notarial services for various legal documents, such as contracts, leases, and business formation documents. As a notary, you can offer these services to small businesses directly.

To identify potential small business clients, you’ll need to research the local small business landscape. Joining local business groups and attending networking events can be an effective way to connect with small business owners. You can also market your services online through social media channels and local business directories.

The benefits of focusing on small businesses are that you can build ongoing relationships with repeat clients and create a steady source of income.

Partner with Real Estate Agents

Real estate transactions often require notarized documents, such as deeds, mortgages, and lease agreements. By partnering with real estate agents, you can offer your notarial services to clients who are buying or selling a property.

To build relationships with real estate agents, you’ll need to reach out to local agents and let them know about your services. You can also attend real estate events and join local industry groups to network with agents. Additionally, you can offer special rates or referral bonuses to agents who send clients your way.

The benefits of partnering with real estate agents are that you can build ongoing relationships with repeat clients, and real estate transactions can lead to higher fees.

Teach Notary Classes

If you enjoy teaching, you can share your knowledge of notarial acts by offering classes to aspiring notaries. You can teach classes online or in person and cover a variety of topics, such as basic notary laws, best practices, and marketing strategies.

To get started teaching notary classes, you’ll need to create a lesson plan and promote your services to potential students. You can offer your classes through a local community center, business groups, or adult education programs. Additionally, you can offer online courses through your website or a third-party platform such as Udemy or Teachable.

The benefits of teaching notary classes are that you can share your knowledge with others, establish yourself as an expert, and earn fees for your services.


As you can see, being a notary doesn’t have to be a one-dimensional job. By offering additional services or targeting specific client groups, you can increase your earning potential and enjoy a more fulfilling career. The strategies outlined in this article are by no means exhaustive, but they should give you a good starting point for exploring the many ways you can make extra income as a notary.

So, what are you waiting for? Take action today and start exploring these strategies to see which ones work best for you. With a little creativity and hard work, you can build a flourishing notary business and enjoy a lifetime of professional fulfillment.

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