How to Get More Money on Sims 4: Tips and Strategies for Increasing Your Simoleons


Earning money in Sims 4 can be challenging, but having enough simoleons is crucial for advancing in the game and unlocking new opportunities. This article will provide tips and strategies for maximizing your earnings, rising from poverty to wealth, using money-making hacks, building a business, and managing simoleons effectively.

Maximizing Your Simoleons: Top 5 Ways to Get More Money in Sims 4

There are several ways to earn money in Sims 4, but these are the top five ways to maximize your earnings:

  1. Get a high-paying job: Choosing a career path that pays well is a smart way to start earning simoleons. Some of the best options include the Tech Guru, Business, and Criminal careers.
  2. Invest in real estate: Buying and selling properties can be a lucrative way to earn simoleons, especially if you invest in up-and-coming neighborhoods.
  3. Gardening or fishing for profit: Selling produce from your garden or fish from your fishing trips is a simple way to earn simoleons on a regular basis.
  4. Use cheats or mods: While cheating can be controversial, using mods or cheats can help you quickly and easily earn simoleons if you’re struggling to get by. Just make sure to use them in moderation.
  5. Sell crafted items: Crafting furniture, clothes, or other items can be a profitable hobby. Make sure to build up your skills before attempting to sell your creations.

From Rags to Riches: A Guide to Wealth in Sims 4

If you’re starting with nothing, it can be daunting to try to become wealthy in Sims 4. Here are some tips and strategies to help you along the way:

  1. Choose a career path that pays well and work hard to advance in your career. This will provide a steady income and room for growth.
  2. Build skills that can help you earn more money, such as cooking, painting, or even athletic skills. These can all translate into opportunities for side gigs or freelance work.
  3. Network with other sims to build relationships that can lead to job offers, promotions, or other opportunities to earn money.
  4. Manage your finances effectively by saving money and avoiding unnecessary expenses. Prioritize your needs over your wants and try to live within your means.
  5. As you earn more money, consider investing in properties or businesses to increase your income over time.

Money-Making Hacks for Sims 4 Players

If you’re looking for easier or quicker ways to earn simoleons, here are some cheats, mods, and tricks to consider:

  1. Using the “rosebud” cheat to get 1,000 simoleons at a time.
  2. Using the “motherlode” cheat to get 50,000 simoleons at once.
  3. Using mods that can help you earn simoleons faster, such as “Get to Work More Money” or “Retail Mod.”
  4. Participating in challenges or events on social media or fan forums that offer prizes or rewards for completing tasks in-game.
  5. Selling crafted items, as mentioned earlier, can also be a way to earn simoleons without relying on cheats or mods.

Building a Business in Sims 4: How to Turn Your Sim into a Successful Entrepreneur

If you want to take your sim’s financial stability to the next level, consider starting a business. Here are some steps to follow:

  1. Figure out your niche by choosing a business idea that aligns with your sim’s skills and interests. For example, if your sim is good at gardening, consider starting a landscaping business.
  2. Create a detailed business plan that includes your goals, marketing strategies, and budget.
  3. Gather the resources you need to start your business, such as funds, employees, and materials.
  4. Launch your business and start promoting it to potential customers. Consider using social media or offering special promotions to attract new clients.
  5. As your business grows, consider expanding your offerings or hiring more employees to increase your revenue.

The Ultimate Guide to Simoleon Management: How to Make Your Money Work for You in Sims 4

Finally, it’s important to manage your sim’s finances effectively in order to make the most of your simoleons. Here are some tips and strategies to use:

  1. Save money by avoiding unnecessary expenses and prioritizing your needs over your wants.
  2. Invest your simoleons wisely by buying and selling properties or businesses, or by purchasing stocks in the in-game stock market.
  3. Don’t be afraid to spend money when necessary, but make sure you’re making smart financial decisions that will benefit you in the long run.
  4. Consider hiring a financial advisor character to help manage your sim’s finances and provide guidance on making smart investments and purchases.
  5. Finally, stay on top of your financial situation by tracking your income and expenses regularly so you know where you stand financially at all times.


Earning more simoleons in Sims 4 can be challenging, but by following these tips and strategies, you can set your sim up for financial success. Whether you choose to go the traditional route of getting a high-paying job and investing in properties, or opt for money-making hacks or entrepreneurial ventures, there are many ways to increase your financial stability within the game. Remember to manage your simoleons effectively, and don’t be afraid to seek out advice or guidance from within the game or from other players.

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