How to Fill Out a Walmart Money Order: A Step-by-Step Guide


Money orders can be an excellent way to send money to someone without using a personal check or cash. Walmart offers customers the ability to purchase money orders at their stores for a small fee. Although filling out a Walmart money order may seem simple, it can sometimes be a confusing process, especially for those who have never done it before.

Step-by-Step Guide for Filling out a Walmart Money Order

When you purchase a Walmart money order, the cashier will provide you with a form that needs to be filled out completely before it can be sent to the recipient. The form typically includes the following sections:

  • Payment information: Write the name of the person or company you are sending the money order to in the “Pay to the Order Of” section.
  • Amount: Write the amount of money you are sending in numeric and written form in the designated sections.
  • Purchaser information: Write your name and address in the “From” section.
  • Optional memo line: If desired, write a note or message in the “Memo” section of the form.
  • Signature: Sign the money order in the designated area at the bottom.

When filling out the form, make sure to write legibly and avoid mistakes. Double-check the recipient’s information to ensure it is correct, as errors can cause delays or even prevent the money order from being sent. After filling out the form, make sure to keep your receipt in a safe place so that you can track the money order and confirm its receipt.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

There are a few common mistakes that people make when filling out Walmart money orders. Some of the most significant issues include:

  • Leaving out important information or details
  • Using incorrect information, such as the wrong name or address
  • Not filling out the form completely or accurately

When these mistakes occur, they can cause delays or prevent the money order from being processed altogether. To ensure you avoid these mistakes, take your time when filling out the form and double-check all of the information before sending.

Tips for Filling Out a Walmart Money Order Correctly the First Time

To minimize the risk of mistakes and ensure that the money order is filled out correctly the first time, consider the following tips:

  • Read the instructions on the form carefully before filling it out.
  • Write as legibly as possible to avoid any confusion or errors.
  • Take your time and fill out the form slowly and accurately.
  • Double-check all of the information before sending to ensure that everything is accurate.
  • If you are unsure about how to fill out the form correctly, ask for help from a Walmart associate.

Understanding Fees and Limits

One of the important things to note when using a Walmart money order is the fees associated with this service. Walmart charges a small fee to purchase money orders, typically less than $1 depending on the amount of money being sent. There are also limits on how much money can be sent per money order, usually up to $1,000.

Compared to other money transfer services, however, Walmart’s fees and limits are quite reasonable, making it a popular choice for people who need to send or receive money quickly and safely.

Traditional vs. Electronic

When you purchase a Walmart money order, you can choose between a traditional paper money order or an electronic money order. Each option has its pros and cons to consider:

  • Traditional money orders may take a bit longer to process, but they are still popular because they provide the recipient with a physical document that can be deposited or cashed easily.
  • Electronic money orders, on the other hand, are processed more quickly and don’t require the recipient to physically handle the document. They are also generally more secure than paper money orders.

When deciding which type of Walmart money order to use, think about your specific needs and preferences. If you need the money to be sent quickly, an electronic money order might be the best choice. If you want the recipient to have a physical document that can be deposited easily, a traditional money order might be more appropriate.

Why Walmart Money Orders are a Safe Option

One of the reasons why Walmart money orders are a popular choice is their safety and security. Walmart uses a variety of security features to ensure that money orders are not only processed quickly but also safely. Some of the security features include:

  • Unique identification numbers to prevent fraud
  • Watermarks and other identifying marks to make them difficult to replicate
  • Encryption technology to keep customer information secure
  • Guarantees and protections in case the money order is lost or stolen

If you need to send money to someone but don’t want to use cash or a personal check, a Walmart money order can be a safe, secure, and convenient option.

How to Track and Confirm Your Money Order

After sending your money order, it is important to track it to ensure that it has been delivered successfully. Walmart offers several options for tracking your money order, including:

  • Checking your receipt for information about how to track the money order online
  • Calling Walmart’s MoneyGram line to confirm delivery
  • Contacting the recipient to ask if they have received the money order

If you experience any issues or problems with your money order, don’t hesitate to contact Walmart’s customer service or speak with a Walmart associate for help resolving the issue.


Walmart money orders can be an excellent way to send money quickly and safely. By following the instructions carefully and taking the necessary precautions to avoid mistakes, you can ensure that your money order is filled out correctly the first time. After sending the money order, keep track of it to confirm delivery and address any issues or problems that may arise.

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