How Much Weight Did Adele Lose? Insights into Her Incredible Journey


When Adele first stepped onto the music scene, audiences were captivated by her incredible vocal talent, but also by her fuller figure. Over the years, Adele received both criticism and support for her body, but in recent years she made a decision to embark on a weight loss journey. In this article, we will explore how much weight did Adele lose, delve into her diet plan, workout routine, mental and emotional benefits, progress over time, controversies surrounding her weight loss, and lessons learned from her journey.

Before and After Story

Prior to her weight loss journey, Adele had a fuller figure that she had always embraced and showed off in her music videos and performances. However, in 2019 rumors began to spread about her weight loss efforts, and by February 2020, photos emerged of Adele looking noticeably slimmer. While Adele has not officially shared how much weight she lost, experts speculate that she lost approximately 100 pounds.

Adele’s weight loss journey coincided with her separation from her husband, Simon Konecki. In her 2015 interview with Rolling Stone, Adele stated, “I really don’t have time to fall apart like I did after my last breakup.” This motivated her to remain focused and committed to her goals during her weight loss journey despite the emotional challenges she was facing.

Adele’s Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Adele’s incredible transformation can be attributed to her changes in diet and exercise. While Adele has not openly shared the specifics of her diet and nutrition plan, rumor has it that she followed the Sirtfood Diet plan, which focuses on incorporating nutrient-rich foods such as kale, cocoa, and green tea into the diet.

Regarding her workout routine, Adele worked with personal trainer Pete Geracimo, who shared that Adele committed to a daily routine that included cardio, weightlifting, and circuit training to achieve her desired weight loss. In addition to this, Adele has been an advocate for functional fitness and has tried exercises like boxing and pilates. Adele’s weight loss success and life changes are a result of her persistence, careful planning, and dedication.

Mental and Emotional Benefits

Going through a weight loss journey can bring about various mental and emotional benefits. Adele’s weight loss journey has been no exception. Losing weight can bring confidence, renewed energy, and improvements in overall health. In Adele’s case, it’s clear that her weight loss journey has given her an added boost of self-confidence.

In a 2016 interview with Vogue, Adele admitted that her self-image and confidence fluctuated throughout her life. She shared that it wasn’t until she had her son that she began to appreciate her body for what it could do rather than how it looked. Today, Adele celebrates her body for all it is and all it does, and her journey has left her with a newfound respect for her strength and capabilities beyond her physical strength.

Adele’s Progress Over Time

Adele’s weight loss journey has been ongoing for several years but has gained attention in the public eye in recent times. Starting with a focus on improving her health and well-being, Adele underwent transformations both internally and externally.

Adele’s weight loss journey reached its most visible milestones during her performances in 2016 at Glastonbury Festival and in 2017 at the Grammy Awards. Her progress was celebrated by fans around the world, but Adele herself shared that her journey was not a “diet plan.” Instead, it was a change in lifestyle that she continues to maintain until today.

Weight Loss Controversies

As with any public figure, Adele’s weight loss journey has received both praise and criticism. One of the major criticisms is that her weight loss was a result of societal pressure to conform to unrealistic beauty standards rather than a personal decision. Some suggest that Adele’s weight loss may encourage similar pressures on young women who already confront impossible beauty standards.

However, the majority of the public has praised Adele’s weight loss journey as an inspiration to be healthy, take control of life, and work towards one’s goals, contributing positively to mental health. Adele’s response to the controversy? The love of music remains more vital to her than anything else.

Comparison to Other Famous People

Adele’s weight loss journey is not unique, as many other celebrities have successfully undergone similar transformations. However, Adele’s journey is distinct in that it emphasizes the importance of not limiting oneself to a strict plan and accepting the process as a long-term positive change.

While these celebrities acknowledge that weight loss may not be the solution for everyone, it is still recognized as an important step towards a happy and healthy life.

Lessons Learned

Adele’s weight loss journey offers lessons to anyone thinking of pursuing a weight loss journey. One of the most important takeaways is the importance of consistency and patience, as drastic changes and immediate results are usually not sustainable.

It’s essential to have grit and determination when working toward weight loss goals. Meeting Adele’s ambitions and fears did not happen overnight, but with enough hard work, adaptability to modify previous habits, and patience, anyone can achieve healthy changes. Adele reminds us that self-care and personal well-being are vital, and it’s never too late to initiate a positive change in our lives.


Adele’s weight loss journey has been an inspiration to many people worldwide. Her story teaches the importance of implementing healthy lifestyle changes through hard work, resilience, and consistency. Adele’s journey has highlighted the changes in mindset and self-love that are the keys to build a better future.?Whatever the goal of any individual, Adele’s story provides hope that with the right mindset, commitment, and support, achieving anything is possible.

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