How Much Money to Give for a Wedding: A Guide for Guests

How Much Money to Give for a Wedding: A Guide for Guests

Attending a wedding can be a lot of fun- you get to dress up, socialize with friends and family, dance the night away, and celebrate the happy couple’s union. However, one common question that often arises is how much money to give as a wedding gift. The ultimate goal is to find a gift that is both meaningful and appropriate, without breaking the bank. In this guide, we’ll explore the traditions and customs surrounding wedding gifts, compare typical amounts given for different types of weddings, provide financial guidelines, debunk common myths, share personal anecdotes, and explore alternatives to giving money as a wedding gift.

Traditions and Customs

The tradition of giving wedding gifts has been around for centuries and has evolved over time. Historically, gifts would be given to the newlyweds to help them start their new life together by furnishing their homes with household items. Nowadays, it’s common to give newlyweds money as a gift, which can be used towards anything they desire. In some cultures, such as in Chinese and Jewish traditions, it’s customary to give the couple crisp, new bills in even numbers, which are considered lucky. Other cultures may also give gifts of gold or silver.

Comparing Wedding Types

The amount of money to give as a wedding gift can vary depending on several factors, including the type of wedding. For example, if the wedding is a destination wedding or requires a significant travel expense, it may be appropriate to give a lesser amount. Similarly, if the wedding is a small, intimate affair, the amount given could be a bit less than one given at a larger, more lavish wedding. It’s also worth considering your relationship to the couple, with closer relationships warranting a higher gift amount.


Setting a budget for your wedding gift is an important aspect of gift giving. You should only give what you’re comfortable with, and never feel obligated to give more than you can afford. A general rule of thumb is to give what you think the couple spent on hosting you at the wedding. For example, if the wedding venue, caterer, and entertainment totaled $200 per person, it would be appropriate to give a gift of $200. However, if you’re attending the wedding as part of a larger group, such as with your family or a group of work colleagues, you can split the cost of the gift with the group to keep costs down.

Debunking Myths

There are several misconceptions about giving money as a wedding gift, such as the idea that the amount given should cover the cost of the wedding itself. However, this is not the case- your gift should be based on your relationship with the couple, your own financial situation, and what you think is an appropriate amount. Another myth is that cash gifts are impersonal, but in reality, newlyweds appreciate any financial contributions they can put towards their future together.

Personal Anecdotes

Personal anecdotes can be a valuable source of insight into the world of wedding gift giving. For example, one guest may have given a large sum of money to a couple, only to later regret it when their own expenses for the month piled up. On the other hand, another guest may have given a smaller, more thoughtful gift that the couple truly appreciated. Interviewing individuals who have experienced unique uses for wedding money, such as putting it towards a down payment on a house, can also shed light on the importance of wedding gifts.

Giving Alternatives

If giving money as a wedding gift doesn’t feel like the right choice for you, there are several alternatives to consider. For example, you could opt to give a physical gift, such as a piece of artwork or a kitchen gadget that the couple has had their eye on. Alternatively, you could give the gift of experience, such as a wine tasting or a concert or the gift of your time by volunteering to help the couple out with a project or task.


Ultimately, the amount of money to give as a wedding gift can vary depending on a variety of factors. While it can be tempting to simply hand over a wad of cash without giving it much thought, taking the time to consider your budget, the type of wedding, and your relationship to the couple can make for a more appropriate and thoughtful gift. By using these insights and guidelines, you can feel confident in your choice of wedding gift, and focus on enjoying the special day with the happy couple.

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