Exploring Tubi’s Business Model: How Does Tubi Make Money?

Exploring Tubi’s Business Model: How Does Tubi Make Money?

Streaming has become a ubiquitous part of our lives, thanks in no small part to the rise of Netflix and other streaming giants. However, there are other, lesser-known streaming services that are carving out their own niche in the market. One such service is Tubi, a San Francisco-based video streaming platform that offers ad-supported streaming of TV shows and movies. In this article, we explore Tubi’s business model and investigate how they make money.


Tubi is primarily an ad-supported streaming service that generates revenue by allowing advertisers to run ads on their platform. According to their website, they have “business relationships with thousands of leading premium brands.” These brands buy advertising space on Tubi and use targeted ads to reach their desired audience.

Tubi’s advertising is primarily based on demographic and behavioral data. They use machine learning algorithms to deliver targeted ads to users based on their viewing histories and other data points. For example, a user who regularly watches action movies might see ads for action films or action-packed video games.

The advantage of this model for viewers is that they can enjoy free access to a wide range of TV shows and movies. However, the disadvantage is that they have to endure ads while watching their content. While Tubi promises that their ads are “shorter than traditional TV commercials,” viewers still have to contend with frequent interruptions.

Subscription-based services

Tubi offers an ad-free version of its service known as Tubi Premium. To access this version, viewers must pay a monthly fee. In exchange for this fee, they can enjoy their favorite TV shows and movies without ads.

The advantage of this model for viewers is obvious – they can enjoy their content without interruptions. However, the disadvantage is that they have to pay for it. While Tubi Premium is cheaper than some other streaming subscriptions, it’s still an additional expense for viewers.

Strategic Partnerships

Tubi partners with media companies and content creators to offer exclusive content on their platform. These partnerships are a source of revenue for Tubi through licensing fees.

The advantage of this model for viewers is that they have access to a wider range of content that they might not be able to find elsewhere. However, the disadvantage is that they may miss out on exclusive content available on other streaming platforms.

Sale of User Data

Like many other tech companies, Tubi collects user data to improve its service and inform its advertising models. However, they may also be using this data to generate revenue by selling it to third parties.

The potential benefits for viewers of this model are unclear. On the one hand, selling user data could help Tubi to improve its service by providing insights into user behavior. On the other hand, it raises questions about the privacy and security of users’ personal information.

Content Production

Finally, it’s worth noting that Tubi may be investing in original content production. According to a report by The Hollywood Reporter, Tubi has several original films and TV series in development.

The monetization of this original content is likely to take several forms, including licensing fees and direct sales to viewers. The advantage of this model for viewers is that they may have access to unique content that they won’t find elsewhere. However, the disadvantage is that Tubi may use exclusive content as a way to push viewers towards its premium subscription model.


In conclusion, Tubi’s business model is primarily based on advertising, with additional revenue streams coming from subscriptions, strategic partnerships, and potentially, the sale of user data and the production of original content. While this model offers some advantages for viewers – including free access to a wide range of content and access to unique content through partnerships – it also has its drawbacks, including ads, subscription fees, and questions about privacy.

Looking to the future, it will be interesting to see how Tubi continues to evolve its business model. Will they rely more heavily on advertising, or will they seek to increase their revenue through other channels? Whatever happens, it’s clear that the competition in the streaming market is only going to get more intense, and Tubi will need to continue to innovate if they want to stay ahead of the curve.

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