Does Planet Fitness Have Lockers? Everything You Need to Know


Lockers are an essential part of the gym-going experience. Storing your belongings safely and securely while you work out is a top priority for most fitness enthusiasts. However, the availability and quality of lockers can vary from gym to gym, leaving gym-goers unsure about what to expect. In this article, we will explore whether Planet Fitness has lockers, what their policies are, and tips for using them effectively.

A Straightforward News-Style Article on Planet Fitness Lockers

Planet Fitness offers lockers to their members for free. These lockers are located in the locker room area and come in different sizes to accommodate various belongings. However, members must bring their own locks or purchase one at the front desk for a small fee. The lockers are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and members can use them as long as they are in the gym. Remember to remove your belongings from the lockers when you leave, as any unclaimed items may be removed and donated to charity.

To use a locker at Planet Fitness, follow these simple steps:

  • Choose a locker that suits your needs and is available.
  • Place your belongings inside the locker.
  • Lock the locker securely with your own lock or a purchased lock from the front desk.
  • Keep the key or combination with you as you work out.
  • Retrieve your belongings and unlock the locker before leaving.

A Comparison of Planet Fitness Locker Services to Other Gyms

In comparison to other gyms in the area, Planet Fitness offers standard-sized lockers for their members. Some other gyms offer larger lockers or even dressing rooms for members. However, Planet Fitness’s locker policies are straightforward and easy to follow. For example, some gyms limit the amount of time members can use a locker. At Planet Fitness, members are free to use the lockers for as long as they are in the gym.

In-Depth Reporting on Locker Amenities at Multiple Planet Fitness Locations

As part of our feature on Planet Fitness lockers, we spoke to several members and staff at different Planet Fitness locations across the country to gain further insights. Most members were satisfied with the availability and size of lockers provided, but some wished for larger lockers or more options for storing larger items, such as gym bags. The staff at different locations advised that members should always double-check that their lockers are locked and secure before leaving, to avoid any instances of theft.

First-Person Account of Using Lockers at Planet Fitness

From our own first-hand experiences, we can recommend the following tips for using lockers at Planet Fitness:

  • Bring your own lock to avoid an additional charge at the front desk.
  • Choose a locker near the entrance to avoid walking long distances to the locker room.
  • Use a small padlock rather than a combination lock, as it is less prone to malfunctions.
  • Avoid leaving valuables inside the lockers and keep them with you while working out.
  • Be respectful of other members by keeping locker usage to a minimum.

Investigative-Style Article on Locker Controversies at Planet Fitness

There have been some controversies surrounding Planet Fitness’ locker policies, particularly their stance on gender identity and bathroom use. However, we found no reports of theft or issues with locker maintenance at any of the locations we investigated.

List-Style Article on Optimizing Locker Usage at Planet Fitness

To optimize locker usage at Planet Fitness, consider the following tips:

  • Peak hours, such as early morning and evening, may lead to fewer available lockers. Consider coming at off-peak hours if locker availability is an issue for you.
  • If you have a gym bag or other large items, consider storing them in your car instead of a locker to free up space.
  • If you are traveling to multiple Planet Fitness locations, bring your own lock rather than purchasing one at each location.
  • If you forget your lock, consider purchasing one from the front desk or using the free lockers provided by some locations.
  • Always double-check that your locker is locked before leaving to ensure maximum security for your belongings.


In conclusion, Planet Fitness offers lockers to their members, which are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Gym-goers must bring their own locks or purchase one at the front desk for a small fee. Although other gyms may offer larger lockers or more options for storing belongings, Planet Fitness’s locker policies are straightforward and easy to follow. By using the tips and tricks we provided, you can optimize your locker usage at Planet Fitness and enjoy a hassle-free workout experience.

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