Does Planet Fitness Have Bench Press Equipment?


For gym-goers who are passionate about weightlifting, the availability of bench press equipment can make or break their decision to join a gym. Planet Fitness, a popular gym chain, has been the subject of much speculation regarding its lack of bench press equipment. This article aims to provide information and solutions for those looking for bench press equipment at Planet Fitness.

The Truth About Planet Fitness and Bench Press Equipment Availability

The straightforward answer to the question is no, Planet Fitness does not have bench press equipment. The reasoning behind this lack of equipment is due to safety concerns and some gyms being geared towards beginners.

However, it should be noted that some Planet Fitness locations may have variations in their policy, such as having smith machines or Hammer Strength presses that may be used in alternative to bench press equipment.

Why Bench Press Lovers May Not Want to Join Planet Fitness

Bench press enthusiasts may find Planet Fitness’s lack of equipment unsuitable for their needs. They may feel limited in reaching their fitness goals and may find alternatives less effective. For those who require bench press equipment for powerlifting or bodybuilding, Planet Fitness may not be the optimal gym choice.

Alternative options for gym-goers who need bench press equipment include traditional gyms like Gold’s Gym or Crunch Fitness.

Planet Fitness: A Gym Without Bench Press or Just a Rumor?

Rumors regarding Planet Fitness’s lack of bench press equipment have circulated throughout the fitness community. However, Planet Fitness is still a viable option for fitness enthusiasts despite not having bench press equipment. They have a variety of cardio machines, free weights, and resistance machines available for use.

Exploring the Alternatives to Bench Press at Planet Fitness

Although bench press is a popular exercise, it is not the only exercise that can be used to promote muscle growth. Alternative exercises that can be performed at Planet Fitness include chest press, push-ups, dumbbell fly, and dips.

These alternatives are effective and can be modified based on fitness goals. Online tutorials and videos can be found to help with proper form and technique.

The Pros and Cons of Planet Fitness’s No Bench Press Policy

Planet Fitness’s policy of not having bench press equipment has its benefits, including a focus on safety, comfort, and accessibility for all gym-goers. Their equipment is user-friendly, and their fitness trainers are always available to provide assistance and support.

However, the drawback of this policy is that it may limit the potential of gym-goers who require bench press equipment to achieve their fitness goals.

Can You Build Muscle Without Bench Press at Planet Fitness?

Bench press is just one exercise that plays a role in muscle growth. Other effective exercises at Planet Fitness that promote muscle growth include squats, deadlifts, lunges, leg press, and more. It is essential to vary workouts to optimize muscle development and prevent boredom or plateaus in progress.

What You Need to Know Before Joining Planet Fitness as a Bench Press Enthusiast

Before joining Planet Fitness, bench press enthusiasts must be aware of the gym’s policy regarding bench press equipment. They must have alternative exercises in mind and be willing to adapt to a new workout routine. For those who cannot compromise on the lack of bench press equipment, Planet Fitness may not be the optimal gym choice.

However, for those who are willing to explore alternative exercises and prioritize safety and accessibility in their workout routine, Planet Fitness can still provide an effective and supportive environment.


In conclusion, bench press equipment is not available at Planet Fitness. However, alternative exercises can be effective in promoting muscle development, and Planet Fitness still offers a variety of equipment and support for fitness enthusiasts. It is important to make informed decisions about fitness needs and goals before deciding to join a gym. We encourage readers to share their thoughts and experiences with us below.

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