Does Dr. Oz Still Practice Medicine? Examining the Controversy Surrounding the Television Celebrity Doctor


Dr. Mehmet Oz, popularly known as Dr. Oz, is a television celebrity doctor who has been the subject of controversy and criticism among medical professionals and the general public. There have been mixed reports about whether or not he still practices medicine, contributing to doubts about the credibility of his health advice. This article examines the controversy surrounding Dr. Oz’s medical practice, taking a closer look at his career path, current medical practice, and the possible reasons for the confusion and controversy.

The Truth Behind Dr. Oz’s Medical Practice Today

Despite being a licensed physician, there has been much debate about whether or not Dr. Oz still practices medicine. Some reports indicate that he is an active practitioner, while others suggest that he has little involvement in the medical field. The truth lies somewhere in between, making it difficult to determine if he practices medicine.

Investigating Dr. Oz’s Current Role as a Physician

Taking a closer look at Dr. Oz’s official website, it is clear that he still identifies as a physician. He is described as a “renowned cardiothoracic surgeon,” and the website emphasizes his commitment to “healing patients through new surgical procedures and innovative therapies.” However, it is unclear where exactly he practices medicine, and whether or not there are any patients who can attest to this.

Is Dr. Oz Still Practicing Medicine? A Closer Look

There are compelling arguments on both sides of the debate over whether or not Dr. Oz still practices medicine. On the one hand, critics argue that his celebrity status and busy schedule prevent him from being an actively practicing physician. They point to examples such as his role as a television host, which has taken up much of his time and focus.

On the other hand, supporters argue that Dr. Oz’s background in medicine and his continued involvement in the field suggest that he is still practicing medicine in some capacity. For example, he has maintained his medical license and continues to make appearances at conferences and events related to medicine and healthcare.

It is worth noting that controversies also exist surrounding Dr. Oz’s approach to medicine, with some medical professionals accusing him of promoting questionable health advice and products. This has led to doubts about his integrity and credibility as a medical expert, further muddying the waters surrounding his current medical practice.

Exploring Dr. Oz’s Career Path and Current Medical Practice

Dr. Oz began his career as a physician, specializing in cardiothoracic surgery. He made significant contributions to the field of medicine during his time as an active practitioner, including developing new surgical techniques and serving as the director of the Cardiovascular Institute and Complementary Medicine Program at New York Presbyterian Hospital.

In recent years, Dr. Oz has become better known as a media personality, hosting his own talk show and regularly appearing on television. While his fame has allowed him to reach a broader audience with his health advice, it has also led to criticism from medical professionals who argue that he has embraced sensationalism over scientific accuracy.

Dr. Oz: From Physician to Television Host – Where Is He Now?

Dr. Oz’s transition from a practicing physician to a television host is somewhat controversial. While he has continued to identify as a physician, many critics argue that his celebrity status has transformed him into more of a showman than a medical professional. Some point to his promotion of controversial health products and treatments as evidence of this shift.

However, supporters point out that Dr. Oz has continued to remain involved in the medical field, hosting conferences and events related to medicine and healthcare. They suggest that his fame has allowed him to share his health advice with a wider audience, potentially improving the health of more people than he ever could have as just a practicing physician.


Overall, the controversy surrounding whether or not Dr. Oz continues to practice medicine highlights the complex relationship between medicine and media. While Dr. Oz has certainly faced criticisms and controversies over his health advice and the products he promotes, it is clear that he still identifies as a physician and maintains his medical license. However, it is also difficult to determine exactly where and how he practices medicine, given his busy schedule and media commitments.

For audiences seeking reliable sources of health information, it is important to approach celebrity doctors such as Dr. Oz with a critical eye. While they may offer valuable insights and advice, it is important to always consider the source and to not rely solely on one individual for health guidance.

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