Where Can I Load My Varo Card for Free? Top 5 Places and Methods


If you are a Varo cardholder, you might be looking for ways to save money on reloading your card. Luckily, there are several methods and places where you can load your card for free. This article aims to provide readers with a comprehensive guide to free reloads for your Varo card, including a list of the top five places to reload your card for free, a how-to guide with step-by-step instructions, a comparison guide with other prepaid cards, a news-style article covering any updates from Varo regarding free-reload partnerships, and an interview-style article with real Varo users offering tips and tricks on how to load your card for free.

5 Places Where You Can Load Your Varo Card for Free

One of the best ways to reload your Varo card for free is to use Varo’s partner banks. These banks include Chase, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo. You can easily transfer funds from these banks to your Varo account without any additional fees. Another option is to use retail locations that offer free cash reloads, such as Walmart or 7-Eleven. You can also reload your Varo card for free through online bank transfers or direct deposit. Finally, money transfer apps, such as Zelle or Venmo, allow you to send money to your Varo card for free.

A Step-by-Step Guide on Loading Your Varo Card for Free

To reload your Varo card for free using the Varo mobile app, simply log in to your account and tap on the “Add Money” button. From there, select the option to transfer funds from a bank account, and choose one of Varo’s partner banks to link your account to. Direct deposit is also a simple way to reload your Varo card for free. Simply provide your employer with your Varo account information to set up direct deposit. Money transfer apps, such as Zelle or Venmo, allow you to easily send funds to your Varo account for free. Retail cash reloads are also an option, although there may be fees associated with certain retailers.

Varo versus Other Prepaid Cards: Which Has the Best Free Reloads Option?

When it comes to free reload options, Varo stands out from other prepaid cards. While some cards offer free reloads through direct deposit or certain retail locations, Varo’s partner bank system ensures that cardholders have easy access to free reloads almost anywhere. Additionally, Varo’s mobile app allows for quick and easy reloading from anywhere, which is not always the case with other prepaid cards.

Varo Announces More Free Reload Partnerships

Varo is always looking for new ways to offer its users more free reload options. Recently, Varo announced a partnership with Green Dot, which will allow users to reload their Varo cards for free at over 90,000 retail locations nationwide. Additionally, Varo is constantly expanding its network of partner banks, making it easier than ever for users to reload their cards for free.

Talking to Varo Users: How They Load Their Cards for Free

We spoke to several Varo cardholders to find out how they load their cards for free. Many users reported using Varo’s partner banks, while others preferred to use money transfer apps like Venmo or Cash App. Some users also recommended taking advantage of retail cash reloads when available, as they can be a convenient option when partner banks or online transfers are not an option. Overall, there are many ways to reload your Varo card for free, and different methods work better for different users depending on their needs and preferences.


If you are a Varo cardholder, there are many ways to reload your card for free. From using Varo’s partner banks and retail locations to direct deposit and money transfer apps, there are options to fit every user’s needs. By trying out the different methods outlined in this article, you can save money and make the most of your Varo card.

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