Where Can I Get Business Cards Made: Online, Local and DIY Options

I. Introduction

Business cards serve as an essential tool for making meaningful connections and building relationships. Whether you’re starting a new business, attending networking events, or looking to leave a lasting impression on your clients, having a professional-looking business card can make all the difference. However, it can be challenging to know where to start when it comes to designing and printing your business cards. In this article, we will explore various options for getting business cards made, including online, local, and DIY choices.

II. Top 5 Online Business Card Makers for High-Quality and Affordable Results

Using online business card makers can provide you with high-quality and affordable results, all from the comfort of your own home or office. Here are the top 5 online business card makers:

  • Moo: Moo offers high-quality cardstock and various design options to choose from. Their pricing ranges from $19.99 for 50 standard business cards to $134.99 for 400 business cards with premium features.
  • Vistaprint: Vistaprint is a popular online printing services company that offers a wide range of custom design options. Their pricing ranges from $16.00 for 100 standard business cards to $74.00 for 500 business cards with premium features.
  • Jukebox Print: This award-winning online printer specializes in eco-friendly and unique business card designs. They offer pricing starting at $29.01 for 50 standard business cards up to $451.24 for 500 cards with premium features.
  • Jakprints: Jakprints offers a wide range of customizable options to fit your needs, with pricing starting at $20.00 for 100 standard business cards to around $350 for an order of 1,000 cards with premium features.
  • Gooten: Gooten offers various business card templates or the option to create a custom design. Pricing starts at $8.00 for 100 standard business cards to $47.00 for 500 cards with premium features.

III. Your Ultimate Guide to Finding Local Business Card Printing Services

Local printing services offer you the chance to support your local business community and to make a personal connection with your printer. Here are some tips for finding the best local printing services in your area:

  • Use online searches: Type “business card printing services” along with your city or town into a search engine and see what options come up.
  • Ask for referrals: Reach out to colleagues or other business owners in your area and ask for recommendations for local businesses offering reliable printing services.
  • Visit print shops: Visit a few local print shops and examine their printing samples, quality, and price points.
  • Check online reviews: Check the ratings, reviews, and feedback given by previous customers on Yelp, Google, or Facebook before deciding on a printing service.

Prices and turnaround time vary based on quantity, paper quality, delivery, and design complexity. Typically, local printing services offer pricing starting at $25.00 for basic cardstock and design with delivery sometimes falling under two days.

IV. DIY Business Cards: How to Design, Print, and Cut Your Own

DIY business cards provide you with complete creative control over the design and printing process and can be incredibly cost-effective. Here are the materials and steps to follow:

  1. Materials required: Select quality cardstock paper, a computer, a printer (preferably a laser printer), basic design software, a paper cutter, a ruler, and a pencil.
  2. Design the card template: Choose a design software (examples include Canva or Adobe Creative Suite) and make a custom template design. Or, select a pre-designed template and customize it to your preference.
  3. Print the cards: Once you have the template designed, specifically size to your cardstock paper and print as many copies as you need. Ensure the design is in high-resolution for crisp image quality.
  4. Cut the cards: With a paper cutter and ruler, cut the cards to the correct size. Typical business card size is 3.5 x 2.0 inches, but if you want you can customize the size according to your liking.

DIY business cards costs depend on the printing material, printer, and ink cartridges, as well as any graphic design software subscriptions that may get used. The process can save money, usually starting at $5 for 100 pieces of cardstock paper.

V. Business Cards on a Budget: Where to Find Deals and Discounts

Several websites are available that offer discounted or free business cards. These deals vary in quality and quantity but are worth considering if you need business cards on a tight budget. Here are some options:

  • Vistaprint: You can obtain 250 free business card prints if you’re a new Vistaprint customer. Nonetheless, the cards will have the Vistaprint logo on the back, and the paper quality is not as good.
  • CheapPrints: This online digital printing company offers 500 business cards free on your first order, paying for only shipping fees of roughly $15.00.
  • Staples: Staples often run deals where a box of 500 standard business cards is available for as low as $9.99.
  • Uprinting: With Uprinting offers, you can get 500 cards with basic design and standard cardstock for around $20.00.

It’s worth considering that the quality of the cardstock and design may vary, and some deals can come with hidden costs or conditions to be aware of.

VI. The Pros and Cons of Online vs. Offline Business Card Printing Options

When it comes to printing business cards, choosing between online and offline options largely depends on your time, budget, and design expectations. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Pricing: Online options are generally more cost-effective than offline options.
  • Customization: Online options offer more possibilities for customization.
  • Delivery time: Online card printing can range from a few days to an entire week, whereas offline services usually offer a quick turnaround.
  • Quality: Both online and offline options can provide high-quality cardstock, but results depend on equipment, design, and printing options.

VII. The Importance of Choosing the Right Paper Stock for Your Business Cards

Choosing the right cardstock for your business cards is critical to ensuring a professional look and feel that reflects your brand. Here are some key factors to consider:

  • Paper weight or thickness: The thicker the stock, the more durable and premium the cards look and feel.
  • Finish: The finish – whether matte or glossy – can affect the way colors appear and the overall feel of the card.
  • Texture: Textured cardstock can provide a unique and tactile experience, adding a touch of elegance and style.

Choosing the right paper stock depends on your desired outcome, making sure your cards look and feel the way you want them to. Costs of high-quality paper stock start at around $.20 per card and may increase depending on the type of paper and printing options.

VIII. Conclusion

Business cards are a vital tool for professional networking that can leave a lasting impression on clients and colleagues. Knowing where to get them made can be challenging, but there are plenty of options available – from online business card makers, local printing services, to DIY designs and budget-friendly deals. Consider the pros and cons of each option, weigh your budget against your design needs, and choose the right option based on your needs. Remember that choosing the right paper stock can take your cards to the next level and ensure they represent your business accurately.

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