Where Can I Dispose of Tires for Free: A Comprehensive Guide


Millions of tires are discarded every year, and this can create a significant environmental and safety hazard if disposed of improperly. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), tires can create a breeding ground for mosquitoes and rodents, leading to the spread of diseases such as West Nile virus and Lyme disease. In addition to posing a risk to public health, burning tires can release toxic substances into the air, causing respiratory problems and other health issues.

It is important to find proper disposal options for tires, not just to avoid fines and penalties, but also to protect our community and the environment. In this article, we will explore the top 5 places that accept tires for disposal free of charge, discuss state regulations and laws regarding tire disposal, and provide additional resources for finding proper disposal options.

5 Places You Can Dispose of Your Old Tires for Free

Here are five different locations that accept tires for disposal free of charge:

1. Tire Retailers

Many tire retailers offer free tire disposal as a way to attract customers to their stores. Some of these retailers include Discount Tire, Belle Tire, and Firestone. However, it’s important to contact the retailer beforehand to see if they have any specific requirements or restrictions for tire disposal. In some cases, they may only accept tires that were originally purchased from their store.

2. Local Landfills and Transfer Stations

Local landfills and transfer stations may accept tires for disposal free of charge, but it is important to check with them first. Some areas may have specific regulations or restrictions on how many tires can be disposed of at one time, and there may be limitations on the size or type of tires that will be accepted. Make sure to contact your local landfill or transfer station for more information.

3. Recycling Centers

Recycling centers can also accept tires for disposal for free, and in some cases, they may even pay you for your used tires. These centers will typically shred and recycle the tires, turning them into reusable materials such as rubber mulch, landscaping materials, and even athletic fields. Contact your local recycling center for more information on their tire disposal policies and procedures.

4. Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Some Habitat for Humanity ReStores accept tires for disposal, and they may even pick them up for free. However, it is important to note that not all ReStores accept tires, and their policies may vary by location. Before dropping off your tires at a ReStore, contact them to make sure they accept tires and to learn about any specific requirements for drop off.

5. Check with Your Local Government

Some local governments offer free tire disposal days or programs. This may include curbside pickup or a designated drop-off location. It’s important to check with your local government to see if they offer any tire disposal programs or to learn about any upcoming tire disposal events in your area.

How to Get Rid of Tires for Free: A Comprehensive Guide

Getting rid of old tires can be a bit of a challenge, but following a few simple steps can make the process much easier. The following are some tips for handling and storing tires safely:

1. Keep Tires Out of Direct Sunlight

Tires should be stored away from direct sunlight, which can cause them to degrade more quickly. Keep them in a cool, dry place, preferably indoors, such as a garage or storage shed.

2. Check for Damage

Before disposing of your tires, check for any damage that could pose a safety risk. This includes cuts, punctures, or bulges, as well as any signs of excessive wear and tear.

3. Remove Tire Weights

If your tires have any weights on them, be sure to remove them before disposing of the tires. Tire weights are made of lead and can be harmful to the environment if not disposed of properly.

After following these steps, you can now dispose of your tires using one of the methods we’ve outlined above.

Find Out which Auto Shops and Recycling Centers Accept Tires for Free

Many auto shops and recycling centers also accept tires for disposal free of charge. Some of these options include:

1. Pep Boys

Pep Boys offers free tire disposal when you purchase new tires from them. They will also allow you to dispose of tires that you did not purchase from their store for a small fee.

2. Jiffy Lube

Jiffy Lube offers tire disposal for a small fee. However, they only accept tires from passenger cars and light trucks, and they must be removed from the wheel before disposal.

3. AutoZone

AutoZone offers free tire disposal for small quantities of tires (up to four at a time).

4. Firestone Complete Auto Care

Firestone Complete Auto Care offers free tire disposal when you purchase new tires from them. They will also allow you to dispose of tires that you did not purchase from their store for a small fee.

Always check with a specific auto shop or recycling center before disposing of your tires to ensure they are accepted and learn more about the policies for dropping them off.

Why Discarding Tires in the Wrong Places can be Harmful – and Where to Properly Dispose for Free

Improper tire disposal methods, such as illegal dumping or backyard burning, can create safety and environmental hazards. Here are some of the reasons why these methods can be harmful:

1. Release of Toxins

Burning tires can release toxins such as benzene, styrene, and toluene into the air, which can cause serious respiratory problems and other health issues.

2. Spread of Disease

Discarded tires can create a breeding ground for mosquitoes and rodents, which can spread diseases such as West Nile virus and Lyme disease.

3. Contamination of Soil and Water

When tires are dumped illegally, they can contaminate the soil and water. The chemicals in tires can leach into the ground and groundwater, which can cause a lot of environmental damage.

It’s important to properly dispose of your tires to avoid these risks. Follow the steps above to find a disposal method that is safe and environmentally friendly.

Keeping Your Community Clean: Accessible Options for Safe Tire Disposal at No Cost

Community resources can be a great way to dispose of your tires for free. Some tips for getting your community involved in tire disposal include:

1. Host a Tire Disposal Event

Work with your local government or community organization to host a tire disposal event. This can include curbside pickup, designated drop off locations, or even a recycling drive.

2. Partner with Local Businesses

Partner with local businesses, such as auto shops or recycling centers, to offer free tire disposal to the community. This can be a great way to educate people about the importance of safe and environmentally friendly tire disposal.

Surprising Benefits of Recycling Tires: Learn How to Reduce Waste and Costs

Recycling tires offers many benefits, including reducing waste and saving money. Here are some of the ways that recycling tires can help:

1. Reducing Waste

Recycling tires keeps them out of landfills and reduces the need for new tires to be produced, which can have environmental benefits.

2. Saving Money

Recycling tires can save you money over the long term. For example, used tires can be repurposed as rubber mulch, which can reduce the need for weed control and other landscaping expenses.

3. Creating Jobs and Boosting the Economy

Recycling tires can also create jobs and boost the economy. Recycling centers that process tires can provide employment opportunities, and the recycled materials can be used by other businesses, such as tire manufacturers.


Properly disposing of tires is important to protect our environment and communities. There are many options for disposing of tires for free, including tire retailers, recycling centers, and local landfills or transfer stations. Always check with a specific location before dropping off your tires to ensure they accept tires and learn about their policies for disposal.

Remember that recycling tires can also offer many benefits, including reducing waste and saving money. Consider the options available and take action to dispose of your tires safely and responsibly.

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