How to Make Money as a 10 Year Old: Creative Tips and Ideas

How to Make Money as a 10 Year Old

Are you a 10-year-old looking to earn some extra cash? Whether you’re trying to save up for a new toy or wanting to help out your family, there are plenty of ways for kids your age to make money. In this article, we’ll explore some fun and creative ideas to get you started.

Online Content Creation

Online content creation is a great way for kids to express their creativity and earn money at the same time. If you’re interested in music, art, or video production, platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Twitch offer opportunities to monetize your content. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Choose a niche: Decide on a specific theme or topic for your content, such as gaming or cooking. This will help you attract a dedicated audience.
  • Be consistent: Regularly post new content to keep your viewers engaged and interested.
  • Collaborate with others: Collaborating with other creators can help you reach new audiences and create even better content.
  • Promote your content: Share your videos and posts on social media to expand your reach and gain more followers.

Some websites and apps, such as Teespring and Redbubble, allow you to design and sell your own merchandise to your viewers. This can be a great way to earn a passive income while also promoting your brand.

Pet Care Services

Many families are in need of pet care services, especially during the summer months when they may be going on vacation. As a 10-year-old, you can offer services such as dog walking or pet sitting. Here are a few safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Always ask the pet owner for information about their pet, such as any allergies or behavior issues.
  • Make sure you have permission to leave the house with the pet, and always keep them on a leash or in a secure area.
  • Bring water and treats for the pet, and dispose of any waste properly.
  • Be aware of any hot temperatures or dangerous weather conditions.

To find clients, start by offering your services to friends and neighbors. You can also post flyers around your neighborhood or create a social media page to advertise your services.

Online Surveys

Taking online surveys is an easy way for kids to earn money from the comfort of their own home. Some websites that offer surveys for kids include Survey Junkie and Swagbucks. Here are a few tips to maximize your earnings:

  • Sign up for multiple survey websites to increase your chances of receiving invitations to participate.
  • Be truthful and consistent in your answers to avoid being disqualified from surveys.
  • Complete surveys in a timely manner to receive full payment.
  • Consider redeeming your earnings for gift cards or other rewards instead of cash to increase their value.

Lemonade Stand

The classic lemonade stand idea may seem old-fashioned, but it can still be a fun and lucrative way for kids to make money. Here are a few tips for setting up a successful lemonade stand:

  • Choose a high-traffic location, such as a corner or park entrance.
  • Make sure your stand is visible and attractive, with clear signs and decorations.
  • Offer a variety of refreshments, such as lemonade, water, and snacks.
  • Set reasonable prices, but be open to negotiating with customers.


Babysitting is a popular and reliable way for kids to make money. However, it’s important to be responsible and prepared before taking on this role. Here are a few tips to help you be a great babysitter:

  • Take a babysitting course or certification program to learn important safety skills and gain credibility.
  • Always follow the parents’ instructions and rules, and ask questions if you’re unsure about anything.
  • Keep the child entertained and engaged with age-appropriate activities.
  • Be prepared for emergencies by having important contact information and supplies on hand.

Sell Old Toys or Clothes

If you have old toys or clothes that you no longer use, consider selling them to make some extra cash. You can organize a yard sale with the help of an adult, or sell items online through platforms such as eBay or Mercari. Here are a few tips to make your sale successful:

  • Price items fairly based on their condition and market value.
  • Display items neatly and label them clearly for customers to see.
  • Advertise your sale on social media and through flyers in your neighborhood.
  • Always have an adult present during the sale for supervision and safety.


There are plenty of ways for 10-year-olds to make money, from online content creation to pet care services to traditional options like a lemonade stand or yard sale. With a bit of creativity, effort, and responsibility, you can start earning money and building valuable life skills.

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