How Does Ibotta Make Money? A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Ibotta’s Revenue Model


Ibotta is a popular cashback rewards app that allows users to earn cashback on their purchase of goods and services from various retailers. However, many people are curious about how Ibotta makes money. There is a lot of mystery surrounding the source of Ibotta’s revenue, so we have created this comprehensive guide to help readers understand how Ibotta generates income.

The Basics of Ibotta

Ibotta is a mobile application that allows users to earn cashback rewards on purchases made at participating retailers. The app works by offering cashback rewards for specific products listed on the app and also for generic items like groceries, alcohol, and beauty items. Users must first browse the app and select offers on the products they are interested in purchasing. Then, they purchase these products in-store or online using the Ibotta app.

Ibotta has several features, including the ability to link your loyalty card with the app, allowing users to receive automatic cashback rewards on offers without submitting photographs of their receipts. The app also offers bonuses, which are additional cash rewards paid to users who complete specific tasks or activities on the app.

Cashback rewards are essential to Ibotta because they enable the company to generate income while providing an essential service to its customers. Cashback rewards provide an incentive for users to use the app and continue shopping through it. Ibotta earns money by partnering with retailers and brands and promoting their products to customers.

Affiliate Marketing

Ibotta partners with brands and retailers, earning a commission for promoting their products to customers. This revenue model is called affiliate marketing. Ibotta earns a percentage of sales generated by customers who purchase products through the Ibotta app.

For example, when a customer using the Ibotta app purchases a product promoted on the app, Ibotta receives a commission from the retailer. The commission rate can vary depending on the retailer and the product. Partnering with brands and retailers is essential to Ibotta’s revenue model because it allows them to generate income while providing their users with cashback rewards.

Ibotta also drives traffic to their partner’s website by offering referrals on their app. Retailers and brands receive a referral fee for every customer who visits their website from Ibotta and completes a purchase.

Data Analysis

Ibotta gathers data on users’ shopping habits and delivers insights to retail partners. When a user makes a purchase using the Ibotta app, the app tracks the user’s purchasing habits. Ibotta then uses this data to deliver personalized recommendations and offers to users, and also provides aggregated reports to its partners.

Ibotta gets paid for the data they provide to their partners. By offering insights into shoppers’ behavior, the data can be used by brands and retailers to improve their marketing strategy and increase their sales volume.

Additionally, data insights allow Ibotta to create personalized offers for its users, improving the user experience and increasing user engagement.

In-App Advertising

Ibotta uses in-app advertising as another monetization strategy. Brands pay Ibotta to display ads on their platform, and Ibotta earns money for clicks or impressions generated by their users.

Ibotta has partnered with many well-known brands, such as Coca-Cola, Walmart, and Procter & Gamble, to name a few. These partnerships have enabled them to generate significant revenue through advertising fees. These in-app ads are intended to be non-intrusive to the user experience while still providing value to the advertiser.

Premium Subscription

Ibotta offers a premium subscription option that provides additional discounts and bonus offers for users. The subscription package is available for a monthly fee of $9.99.

With the premium subscription, users can unlock additional cashback rewards and receive bonus cash for completing specific tasks or activities. The revenue model works by charging users a monthly fee, which pays for the additional rewards provided to the users, meaning that the more users take advantage of the premium options, the more revenue Ibotta generates.

Payment Processing Fees

Ibotta also makes money through payment processing fees. Payment processing fees are charged by merchants when customers pay for their purchase using their debit or credit card. These fees are usually a percentage of the total purchase amount.

Ibotta works with merchants to reduce the processing fees by aggregating payments. They provide retailers with a single invoice that includes payments from multiple customers, reducing the total amount of payment processing fees paid by individual retailers and providing a cost-saving solution for retailers.

Investing and Exchanging Data

Ibotta has invested in several start-up companies and exchanges data, which can be used to enhance its repository and improve its services. When partnering with other start-up companies, Ibotta provides them with access to their data and insights.

The exchange of data between companies is hugely beneficial for Ibotta’s revenue model. The company can use this data to enhance its services, improving its ability to provide personalized offers and target ads to its users.


Now that we have explored the various ways Ibotta generates income, it is easier to understand why they are such a successful company. Ibotta’s revenue model relies heavily on their ability to partner with brands and retailers, gather data to provide insights to their partners and provide a personalized user experience through cashback rewards and advertising.

Understanding how Ibotta makes money provides users with a better appreciation for how they can maximize their cashback rewards and enjoy the service provided by Ibotta.

Based on their success, it is clear that Ibotta’s revenue model works well, and as more consumers embrace cashback rewards, it is likely that they will continue to grow and develop their platform even further.

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